We are a coffee house, but we are a lot more! We have bagels, muffins, cookies, cinnamon rolls and cupcakes. Warm up with our Snow Cap Coffee! With two shots of espresso, one shot of white chocolate, one shot of vanilla, and finished with steamed milk and whipped cream, it's seriously good on a cold winter's day!

Pelican Snow Cap Coffee

Stop in and try our always changing cupcake flavors. Try our egg, bacon & cheese breakfast sandwich. Pair it with a fresh muffin and a hot cup of coffee.


1/2 deli sandwich, drink*, chips/pretzels & pickle
1/2 deli sandwich, drink*, chips/pretzels, pickle & soup
  *Drinks for specials include: Coffee - tea - fountain pop
Cupcakes made every Tuesday

Featured cupcakes...


Our cupcake flavors are always changing. Stop in to try the latest varieties.


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